Display #
Name Position
Antonio Mossa Net Fixed Assets TLC - South area
Bonaventura Cappuccio Quality, Environmental, Safety and Health Management
Claudio Scapola Net Fixed Assets TLC - North-West area
Clemente Carfora Mobile Network and Radio
Domenico Lombardo Procurement
Flavio D'Aprile Net Fixed Assets TLC - Central Area
Giacomo Forte Management Control
Giovanni Meli HR Management
Giuseppe Chiavazza Net Fixed Assets TLC - North-East area
Luigi Piergiovanni Technical Sales Management
Luigi Piergiovanni TLC Technical Services
Maria Grazia Turrisi Administration and Finance DepartmentAdvisor
Massimo Andreozzi Contracts and Contract Management
Prospero Trovato Administrative Office and Finance
Salvatore Russo Projects Management
Salvatore Turrisi Chairman and CEO
Salvo Rosa Information Systems
Sandro Cianca Infrastructures and Technology Systems
Sandro Impiglia General and Legal Affairs

A company, a developing history since 1925