A company made of people

Sielte S.p.A. Engineering, Design, Building and Maintenance company operating in Telecommunication, Technology Systems for Transportations and Infrastructures, Energy Systems and Oil & Gas Plants. Its reference markets are Mobile Telephone Providers, Great Infrastructures, Public Administrations, Banks and Broadcasters.

Creativity and Talent

Sielte is constantly developing researches, competences and processes innovations. We are motivated, dynamic and focused on new solutions in order to solve our customers’ needs, and, sometimes, move them up.

Our Goals

Sielte has a turnover of more than EUR 350 millions, 20 headquarters in Italy and 7 headquarters abroad. A team with 2500 employees, that are constantly committed in a multidisciplinary training path. A specific commitment is addressed to young employees, who are involved in training projects, aiming at improving their knowledge and competencies, increasing customer satisfaction and starting new projects and new businesses.


Since 1925 Sielte has been significant to Italian Telecommunications history. Sielte took part in the planning and creation of the infrastructures and attended to the maintenance to date. On 2 December 1925 in Genoa was established the Company Ericson Italiana – SEI S.A., with the purpose of realizing new telephone networks.

SEI S.A. entered in Cirt (Telephone Networks Installation Company in Naples) and in 1927 was established in Milan the financial holding Setemer (Electro Telephone Southern Company) which grouped FATME, SET and SEI.

Setemer was the most homogeneous group in telephone industry, both for technological and operative settings. During1926-1927 SEI worked in 40 construction sites all over Italy and realized telecommunications systems such as switchboards’ supplies, intercity and urban telephone networks.

In 1933 SIE incorporated Cirt and became SIELTE – Società Impianti Elettrici e Telefonici Sistema.

In subsequent years, SIELTE has been subjected to a series of variations of company name, unbundling operations and unifications.

The start in 1995 of the big SOCRATE Project (which aims at realizing broadband to residential users) and its suspension, one year later, caused occupation losses to the companies involved. SIELTE had a surplus of workforce, with serious consequences on its revenue account. For these and other reasons, ERICSSON was forced to take SIELTE apart, choosing ITEL SpA from Catania, among other renowned candidates.

A company, a developing history since 1925