R&D and Satellite Systems

The satellite market is a niche market within the vast world of digital telecommunications. Although the satellite connection remains the most effective for all broadcast applications covering significant territories, as nations or continents, currently in Italy "around 3.3 million people and about 200.000 units of local businesses and institutions can connect to broadband exclusively through the use of satellite technologies" (Annual Report 2013 - AGICOM). The satellite represents the only solution for digital connections within the sea or air. This market is aimed at geographic areas that transcend national boundaries, serving primarily to the rapidly developing countries, where there is a strong demand for connectivity, which will be largely met by satellite offers, because the construction of ground infrastructure is slow and very expensive given the local logistic conditions. Many African countries consider the modern technology HTS (High Throughput Satellite) a consistent solution with national objectives, which aim to ensure universal access to broadband services throughout. The satellite industry revenue in 2013 was 190 billion dollars, with percentages of 61% in the field of Satellite Services and 28% in the field of equipment for ground stations, with growth of 300% in 10 years (source: State of Satellite Industry report - September 2014). Our company in 2014 has decided to engage in this area by establishing a B.U. dedicated to control the offer of:

  • Systems and satellite equipment
  • Services of satellite connectivity

Regarding the first point, our company offers to the satellite market the turnkey providing, from design to integration of equipment and systems. In the course of this year he has already been completed, with great success, a contract for a major company in the sector, which included the construction of a complex lighting system for an antenna of 9 meters. Contacts have been made and submitted bids for the turnkey construction of telecommunication systems. With regard to the second point, it was created a Teleport: in the flow of production and management of the telecommunications Teleport serves the same function that the Ports play for goods or passengers. La struttura completa comprenderà 5 antenne satellitari, 1 Hub satellitare di ultima generazione ed 1 NOC (Network Operation Center). The complete structure will include five satellite dishes, 1 Hub latest generation satellite and 1 NOC (Network Operation Center). Already at the end of the year Teleport began operations with coverage of Europe and Africa South Saharan Africa, also allowing to provide internet service to our Nigerian subsidiary.

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