Infrastructures and Technological Systems

Railway and Metropolitan Networks

  • Railway and Metropolitan Networks
  • Electrical Drive Systems
  • Integrated Selective Telephony System
  • Copper and Optical Fiber Telecommunication Systems
  • Turn-key Site for GSM-R network
  • Mobile Radio coverage extension in tunnels
  • Electrical substation, MT and BT transformer rooms
  • Ventilation rooms
  • Emergency systems in tunnels
  • Railways Signaling Systems

Train and Metropolitan Stations

  • SOS Integrated video surveillance
  • POLFER control rooms
  • Integrated TLC Systems
  • Signage Digital Systems
  • Public Communication Systems

Road and Highway

  • Video surveillance, fire systems and SOS
  • Energy, Lighting and air-conditioning systems
  • F.O. for TLC Communication systems and traffic control systems
  • Local and remote Management and Monitoring Systems
  • Tunnel Security & Safety Systems

Ports and Airports

  • Safety, videosurvellance and telecommunication systems
  • Technological Systems and Special Systems
  • LAN and Data Networking
  • Energy supply and distribution systems
  • “Airfield signs” lighting system

Devices and Systems

  • Central, networking and access devices commissioning and installation
  • Mobile network devices commissioning and installation
  • Broadband systems (XDSL e IPTV) for Business customers & Private
  • Communication devices for DVBT networks

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